Straw Hearts

I'm bisexual - not homosexual. 


Emphasis on bisexual.


In the dictionary, "bi" means both and "sexual" means the capability to have erotic experiences and responses.


I like boys and girls.


I'm attracted to girls because of their expensive perfume and their good taste in clothes. 


The lipstick that invites anybody that are brave enough to kiss their soft lips. 


The way their jewelry dance in the light that can blind a person's vision if they're not careful.


The way they flip their long, luscious hair while walking down the sidewalk as a sign of strength and beauty.


How perfectly soft their skin is that it doesn't need lotion or else, it'll spoil their perfect beauty.


How creative they can get while painting their finger and toe nails.


The colors of the rainbow that reflect their mood and what obstacle they been through in their life.


And how cute they are with their flashing smiles with the dimples buried in their cheeks when someone lucky enough to light up their world with a simple smile or a nice gesture.


I'm attracted to boys because of the smell of their sweat after working out or competing in a sport game.


How perfect amount of hair they have on their body and the muscular aspect of their body as well.


The biceps, six-pack, the arms, legs, etc. The list goes on.


No matter how many scars or bruises they have been inflicted upon, they'll always be attractive in my brown eyes.


How low cut their hair is, how their eyes doesn't reveal any sight of weakness, and the way they walk with confidence always spark a interest in me.


Their lips and smiles, like girls, are always inviting in my opinion.


Its like a unheard harmony of sonnets that entices my heart and forever question the dignity of my sexuality,


I found, during my nineteen years of living, that intelligent, physical attraction and personality to be sexy.


But that doesn't mean I want to fuck any girl or guy I see before me.


I do, after all, have standards for myself.


I just wanted to break down the stereotypes assossciated with my sexuality.


But in all honestly, me being bisexual doesn't or shouldn't change anything.


I'm still the same funny, goofy, nice, shy and awkward Joshua you've known since birth.


I came out on Facebook yesterday and to my immense surprise, everyone but one accepted me for who I am.


Even some boys, though most who liked my status was girls.


Please, don't parade with your annoying assumptions that I'll burn in Hell because I like boys.


God may have created Adam and Eve but he alse created Adam and Steve, and Eve and Jessica.


I might have the same anatomy as other boys but love is love.


If my friends and complete strangers can accept me, then why can't you?


I know what you are thinking.


And no, my psychotic and verbally abusive fourth grade teacher never adventured or set sail on my private areas.


I just know and accept what my preferences are.


I never dated anyone.


I only have one boyfriend - my current boyfriend, Brandon Lanie.


I'm still a virgin but once I swipe my V-card for good, I'll make sure that I'll sent you a emal or a tweet.


But when it all set and done, I'm still your precious child who just happens to like vagina and penis.


Don't look at my coming out as a stigma but how brave I am to finally break down closet door.






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