There comes a time of day

There is always a time of day where you feel lost,

alone as if no one cared.

And your heart feels full of frost,

and your emotions bundled because you never shared.

There is a time of day when you feel afraid,

that everyone would be careless.

That everyone would turn away,

like if you were just worthless.

There came that time of day,

when I felt everyone would turn away.

There came a day,

where no one could understand all my pain.

Yes. There came a day,

where I felt worthless in every way.

A day that never seemed to fade away.

Then there comes the time of day,

when you feel hope that everything fades away.

But when that day comes,

suddenly you will remember where you came from.

Years of hiding and feeling terrified.

Years of looking at the woman I've become.

Years of being hurt and used,

even paid like a prostitute.

Yes. All those days have finally passed,

days of molestation and abuse.

All those days that would always feel trashed,

All those years came to conclude.

Although those days have finally passed,

I will never forget my past.

Because there always comes a time of day,

where you look back and see how much has washed away.


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