What is Human?

Am I invisible?

Am I merely just thin air?

Or am I a fool who has a fool inside my mind?

A magician, a joker, a poker player,

And everyone else.

It is our job to have a different face for everyone we met.

A magician entertains, a joker jokes, a poker player puts on his poker face.

What about US?

We simply entertains everyone else with different faces.

That we could put on, of course.

So who am I?

Who are we?

Are we simply humans who are born to entertain each other?

Just like are we born poor? Born pretty? Born strong? Born smart?

The list could go on forever to infinite and we will never know.

Am I invisible?

Can I not be seen? Thin air, you say?

Who am I? What am I?

I guess I will never know.


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