Do It Yourself (DIY)

Usually (8) hours of sleep should be enough-

But for a wandering soul

That’s merely enough to get her through her morning shower-

For a young girl with more responsibility than God

She’s lucky to have even gotten a full (6)-

With things constantly running through your

Shallow, broken mind

You constantly overlook her duties

And underestimate the damage the brain can do

To any given teenager-

When you turn (10) you are automatically given more responsibilities

Because well let’s face it, you’ve reached ‘double digits’

We can expect more of you now-

Now that you’re (16)

You should really go out and get a job

Save your money

“I’m sure people will hire you”

Buy things for yourself

Making (7.25) an hour, working (2) hours a day

How am I supposed to save AND buy?

Going to school and having a job

Means I have no time for you

I have a job because I “need” one

I didn’t want this, but you’re the only one complaining

It’s never good enough

Pretty soon I’ll be (21)

You expect me to be drinking

Partying my life away at some over expensive college

          (that I had no desire to even be at)

When I’ll be suffering

Reaching for the years I knowingly threw away 

Condtradicitng my every move 

In reality I’ll be homesick

I'll be drowning in debt and trying to scrape up money I don't even have 

Wishing I would’ve listened to all the things you said

Because that money saved wasn’t enough

It’s never enough


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