Cosmos Creed


It is in nature and science that I find religion

In the mindbending crack of a thunderstorm that turns the noonday sky black
to the infinitesimal structure of the cell
and the atom
and the quark
and whatever makes the quark
and whatever makes that
and so on for eternity

I find it impossible to observe these things and remain unmoved

It was not by chance that the universe came to be
and it is not by chance that it transforms every day into a new variation of atoms and elements
in an arrangement that’s never been before and never shall be again

The loamy dirt is my church, the lofty canopies of trees my steeple
My priests are the wolf and the bear and the mouse and the beetle
My ritual the infinite circular dance of predator/prey and life/death/life and entropy


I do not claim to worship nature as a god.

I worship God through nature because it and He are one.


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