Destiny's choice


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United States
38° 49' 10.5924" N, 104° 45' 56.8044" W

"Patience", she said,

As she whispered in my ear.

All being's trials start here.

She drew me a map

And left me alone.

"If you want, 

come follow me here."

With tears in my eyes, 

All from anger and stress I said,

I could be no where near.

Finally, I stood and looked all around, wondering

Where is my Destiny? 

Where could I be? 

Could it be that she has disappeared?

With a watch on my wrist that I used as a compass,

I walked in search for her.

Five days had passed, then ten, then a month and finally,

It was a year.

I look at the map, and am just a bit closer there.

With cuts, bruises, blood, and rashes of all sorts,

I walked, Never losing my focus on her.

Five years had passed, then ten, then forty and finally,

It was the year of silence.

The blankets were cold, the room dark and people were in tears.

I had found death, but she, she had never been near.

A woman in white walks swiftly through the crowd. 

With her eyes deeply focused on mine. 

She bends her head down on my shoulders,

with her eyes still focused on mine.

"Patience", she say's,

As she whispers in my ear.

All being's trials start here. 


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