You wander the streets of this newly changed environment where everything in surrounding has been drained, lifeless and the burdening aroma of sadness in the atmosphere lingers upon each movement. Just yesterday, there had been vivid colors, bliss, and chimes of laughter from youthful beings chasing each other with the warm, comforting sun enveloping them. These years, there’s only the grayness of empty sidewalks, the numbness of the sun-faded play sets, and abandoned buildings that had once been flowing with unlimited amounts of  rainbow-like  memories. 
No one talks about those times anymore; nobody wants to. We pray that they’re just hiding, or playing a game and that they’ll come back eventually. But we know that this is actually happening. We know it’s impossible to see them again. For they have been removed, or simply just “poofed” from existence.
You peer through the gaping, transparent hole where everything inside is bare except for the cold, metal shelf lined up against a wall. Even standing near it, you can hear the solemn whispers of how each layer was emptied; emptied by the fingers of adults, throwing away any traces of our previous lives. The dusty wall standing firmly across from it contained of clean, square spots in various places as if picture frames or posters were once there. Every other home had at least one room that didn’t have much comparison to this one.
Opening the blank, monotonous door with the silver, jagged key is still not used to. The fact that this dwelling will feel just like the bleakness of outside is not doubted. It’s rather unwelcoming, really. Even the other residents have the similar sense—craving to see a small doll-like face greeting you with joy and curiosity in their eyes, but are reminded not to expect it. The only thing to expect is the organized placing of furniture inside that sulks there constantly and the murky, shadowy gazes of whomever you see. You understand, that without our friendly companions being present, there’s not much to strive for in life. 
You ponder, “Where have all the children gone?”…. 


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