Sex, Swagg, Money, & Tree's


I'm a victim to the violence that has been brought upon me by men

And all I ask is what happened to all of the gentlemen

I swear I won't search no more

These boys idolize rappers that glorify horror


All rappers now a days seem to just rap about sex, swagg, money, and tree's

But what ever hapened to sports, family, and a college degree

Don't you listen to their lyrics they're pretty imperfect

Mortified and disgusted I'm feeling sick to my stomach


Swagg won’t pay your bills in the next few years

So girls set your standards, because you might have something to fear


All these guys talkin about slappin females

And owning us like propery we are'nt a part of retail


We're cheated on like ya'll are taking a test

But what you haven't realized is that we've already out smarted the best


We are females not bitches, so learn the differance

You can't keep me in check, because I aint no wage

So check yourself next time before you try to degrade



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