Me & My Shadow


I like to walk at night in the summer

Everything seems to click into place

As I gaze at the stars

Trying desperatley to be one

But my favorite part isnt the stars

Or the whispering cicadas speaking

to me as I continue my journey

It's the shadows

The shadow of a tree

Majestic in size in the pale moonlight

Or a lone standing pole that seems to

Stretch on forever

But my favorite shadow is mine

She is much different than I

She is tall and graceful

She is thin and lithe

She shows no sign of my thighs

Brushing together with every move

I make

Of the forthcoming sweat lingering on my head

Of the frown on my face

Of the tears in my eyes

She shows no sign of emotion

She simply walks

Not knowing where she is going

But leading me in the right direction

She shows no emptiness in her soul

Or evidence of her own inner battles

With herself

She carries less weight

Mentally and physically

She shows no worry of judgement

from others

She has no mouth to say hurtful things

She has no ears to listen to those

Who tear her down

She is what i want her to be

She is my Tabula Rasa

And she simply walks

Not knowing where she's going

But leading me in the right direction

Me & My Shadow


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