Someone to Be


All alone, trapped inside a hole that only I fit inside
Gasping as the blade touches flesh, the blood suffocating me
Rising higher and higher not to lower like a tide, 
Thats when one knows they're dying 
The questions on why you self harm, why you wear long sleeves in hot weather,
Yet no one seems to see
Self harm isn't immature, it isn't 'for cowards' 
But to be you need someone to be there
Someone to hold them tight as tears rock them like the ocean on the nights that they hate themselves
Someone to be themselves around, to talk about themselves to
Someone to be there for is what they need 
That will say what needs to be said 
That is the greatest tool for someone like me, 
Someone who took those scars and forgot about them
Someone who rose from the hole of self loathing that they shouldn't be in,
Someone who belongs
Someone who can now make a joke
Someone who can now laugh
Someone who is now happy
Someone who is here 
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