The Girl Behind The Mask


She smiles.

She laughs.

She jokes around.

She turns your frown upside down.


She's always there when you need a friend,

you can count on her till the end.

She's rebellious and sticks up for others.

She doesnt tolerate bullying one or another.


Her family and friends are her world.

She'll defend them until she die.

She loves them so much.

As much as music is her life.


But behind the mask isn't so pretty

There's a scared little girl who's anything but okay.

There's a girl who has been hurt more and more everyday.

There's a girl who has trust issues.

There's a girl who has to use all of her strength to live.

There's a girl who begs and pleas to fly away.


There's a girl who is depressed and cries herself to sleep

There's a girl who wants to be loved for who she is.

There's a girl who loves to laugh but is hated for it.

There's a girl who is bullied because she's different.

There is a girl behind the mask.


There's someone behind every mask.

Are you willing to take off your mask?

Who are you behind your mask?

What makes you different from everyone else?

What gives you the right to judge who's behind that mask?

Ask yourself this the next time you want to make fun of someone.

For they are as important as you.



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