What Counts

If my love for you could be written into words or defined by actions

Then the moon will fall and the sun will turn cold as that has more of a chance of happening than I do with you.

I would write you books of everything I adore about you

And even if you tore out every page, I'd write them again

They say love can't be described in words

But big brown eyes and a smile that never leaves my mind are the only words I need

My thoughts while I'm alone scream into my head but all I need is your voice to settle them

If I could wake up to your face every morning then maybe I would care less about how my own face looks

They say it's the inside that counts and what's inside of me is feelings for your entire being from your thoughts to your body that I just want to hold for days on end

But the only thing inside of you is how my outside looks and you pay no attention to how badly my soul needs you

So I hope

That you'll give me a chance...

Because day by day these butterflies in my stomach change to crows and vultures that eat at the thoughts in my mind because all I can think of is you and my stomach breaks and crumbles from the fact that you pass by me like I'm some random stranger

And I walk through these lonely hallways filled with people that you notice so much more because their outside is so much better than mine

But it's the inside that counts



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