The End


The dark and lonely atmosphere filled the air

in dim lighting there I sat

with a wooden pencil in my hand

knocking on the edge of the wooden table

anxiously waiting

the door knob turned

My heart was racing at an unacceptable rate

screeching noise approached

the door was opened

my heart stopped.

His face was red

the smell of alcohol filled the air.

I was scared.

Mother covered my eyes and lied me down

This is happening again,

tonight is another night,

but tonight is different.

Tonight we both die

her eyes had spoken.

He came in with a large knife

whoosh! whoosh! whoosh!

the sharp edge cut the air and landed against the wall

it was not over for him

sobbing, shaking, fearing

she grabbed me and my face was against her chest

Her body was burning up

i saw it in her eyes

the knife was coming for us

our eyes closed up slowly

like this was the end.





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