I write to release, maybe it’s an inner beast but I call it simply…


Now this passion of mine is to be heard

 from the hills of the rockies,

To the slums in Africa. For what purpose?

To tell a story

Not about glitz and glory, but about ambition and the hunger for success

About the stress and the struggle to burst out of a bubble of constraints

To taste it and to feel it as much as I allow myself to want it,

Now that’s the story that I would like to tell, in fact….

I’m going to.

What drives me is simply hunger in its purest form

It stabs me at night with the pains of not having eaten success

It keeps me awake at night turning me into an insomniac

It keeps me searching for the answers to success so that I can rest

But rest is for the wealthy and the rich so I continue to work and search

For the knowledge that I am missing.

I shall sit here in my thoughts and strengthen connections

Connections that are from basic ideas to the broadest of thoughts

From the past to the present I continue to open up the lines of

Communication and let those who have met me know of my

Transformation and those who I will meet in the future to know

 Of the person that will be bestowed upon them.

My passion is knowledge and to change a life

Starting with my very own

My quest is education

My journey is taking place in this very  moment

And my destination is none other than…


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