Every man has his day

There come a time in every man’s life

Where he learns about who he is destined to be

Some day he will take on a wife

As he choose her and she choose he

They will go on grand adventures as their love blossoms

As will they have highs and they will have lows

But they will overcome these problems

Because without love they know life blows

Man and wife, never has such a blessing been seen

By those who know of this beautiful spark

Life will seem so serene

Their love will be forever for cupid has pierced their hearts

One day when they grow old

They will talk about all the memories they have shared

And when the time comes for the end

They will share one final kiss as the other slips away at the bend

This story I tell is true

I know this because it has happened to me, just as it will happen to you


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to wtire

you write to live

always let your voice be heard

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