Human kind, which I am a part of, is an organism able to create and solve its own crisis,

Maybe you can relate, love is fighting with hate over kindness,

Was it a God who mad man in his image, or a man who made god in his likeness,

Piety is not an adjective I use to describe me, but sometimes I feel righteous,

I don’t know what life is, but I know what it’s not, it can’t be about material accumulation… real success is priceless.

Am I a blind man looking inward wondering what color his eye is?

For, if I had feathers and hollow bones I wouldn’t think I was flightless,

I would flap those wings every day until I made it to where the light is.


It’s a fifty-fifty chance in this life; the days are marked up as coin tosses.

It may take some short term losses, but I can win in the long run, even come up with a profit.

Means are never justified by an end, even if it is claimed to be in the name of progress.

We have to weigh the consequences of our actions and ask ourselves what the cost is.

So I’ll never be at peace while peace seems to never be, at least I have a conscience.

I’m not particularly religious but I have the sense to know that Holy War is an act that is godless

In this day and time, it’s a battle for the mind, but these ideas of mine will never die and be sent home with a flag in a coffin.

No one is perfect but I’m a genuine human being and as such I am flawless.


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