To Be Free


Why is it that mankind can never truly find happiness?

It can be grasped for brief moments in time before it disappears once

again and is metamorphosed into misery.

If evil is inescapable, I will not try to flee;

and if it is within me, then I must let it consume me.

For I cannot stand to live with a heart of darkness.

These tears have yet to be extinguished; sometimes I fear they will soon run out.

I am a walking death, or so I see it; my reflection in the mirror shows nothing less than

an emaciated being. I am wasting away slowly and my impatience will soon

overpower me. For whats it's worth why live if there is nothing to live for?

My soul is weighted by this heavy vessel of a body,

and for that reason I will wait however long it takes to

leave it behind,

to be free.


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