Sinking To The Bottom of Depression


With every droplet of my tears,

My heart sinks deeper.

Nothing is going right,

When nothing should have been wrong.

My dream is just that. A Fantasy.

A life I will never be able to play out,

But the life that is playing out,

Is the nightmare behind the crumbling walls from the unrealistic dream I had hoped to live.

I have so much good and so little bad,

Yet the bad is overpowering.

It is dominant in the depths of the not so shallow sea I call LIFE.

But life should not be just that. And I know it.

But why do I feel every detail of every bad memory crumbled up in my heart?

I am sinking when I would rather be floating on the surface of the water,

Where the bright sunlight in a florescent dream can touch my pale skin,

Giving me a sun-kissed glow.

But it is hard to swim back to the surface of your heart,

When your brain is weighing you back down.


Life is not what I had hoped it would be,

And hope is what is lost in this horrible sea. 

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