As the cymbals crash at the final note,

the audience applauds and lose their minds.


We stood upon the platform posing...

Our bodies exhausted but still filled with adrenaline.


I rolled my head as I taunted the audience by tapping my fingers on

the microphone, I started vocalizing faint lyrics as I saw my puppets

get more excited with each touch and vocal.


As I caught my breath I nodded towards my guitar player and

saluted my backup dancers as we were about to apease the



The band played the last verse of the song, the crowd became hypnotized by

the instrumental, my backup dancers enticed them as I prepared for the verse.


With a ghostlike stroll back up to the microphone stand, I breathed and then placed

my spell on them, I mesmerized them with my lyrics until they were close to fainting.


They couldn't take their eyes off of us, they begged and pleaded for us to continue

as time ran out signaling the end of the concert.


It was a successful...Encore.



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