The Other Side of the Mirror

Look at me

And what do you see

The color of my eyes

Those that has perished too often

The color of my skin

That was once looked upon as dirt in a past where everyone hurts

The creases by my mouth

That laughter always falls upon to explode

Your hands

That has dig the deepest part of your core to find who you truly are

The way I stand

Imploded by life and strife

Ever so lovely and rich with purity

Cure my soul that is filled with sorrow

Pick me up when I’m sinking in the hole of my shadow

Spark my heart with love that you only pray for to have once in a lifetime

Be my valentine, but not for today, everyday


Look at me

And what do you see

Scars that exposes your memories

Eyes that has only seen tragedies

Lips that has never smiled

Skin that has been burned with anger

Thy shall not hide who you are

What you are

And who you want to be

But I am who?

A seeker

A believer

Someone staring at me

I am corned by myself

Screaming from the top of my lungs

They collapse and slowly tumbles to the floor

My tummy rumbles creating a rage that was never supposed to feel hate 


But what is my fate? Am I locked in a cage?

My heart beaming like the sound of the drum

Suffocating in flaws

Why couldn’t anyone make a law so that pain won’t sting?

And love could bring my soul to become whole

Thunder hear me roar

Fix my broken wings

Allow me to smell the flowers blooming in spring

Hold my hand so I can feel the touch of wisdom

Heal my scars and wounds that has latched onto the darkest parts of this world

Carry me to the heavens for where I seek guidance

Look at me

And what do you see

My reflection is who I’m proud to be

I face you

Inhaling the beauty of me


How do mirrors cope with what they see?

Is it a secret waiting to be revealed?

Building the courage of love

To show compassion to the cruel beings

Is it to prevail to the other side?


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