Bump bump bump 
Bump bump bump 
Do you hear that? Ah amazing 
Beautiful, gracious, pure, dark light 
It is so beautiful 
I cry when I hear someone's soul coming through to introduce their hearts to me 
I smile uncontrollably hearing them sing about being pushed under while fighting for sunshine 
It is the most thorough cleansing I have felt in years 
No tears no sorrow just pure light 
Their faces are almost always scarred hands bent in unnatural angles but only to those who 
have not touched their souls and learned peace 
Only to those who think that birth is the most precious miracle do they see bent backs and loud 
mouths as being less than human 
But we are animals who trust our instincts to tell us a truth 
We are people who think that living itself is the most precious gift to have 
We listen to the beating of our hearts as proof that our path is one of youth and freedom 
We will dance around these showers that pound in our ears reminding us of our beasthood 
We always fight against it but not tonight 
Tonight we are animals who have learned to speak for the first time 
We have just discovered fire, have found out that clothing makes us different, we have learned 
that God has been hiding inside the music of us and has been waiting for a heartbeat loud 
enough to bring him back out 
We are loving these drums with every ounce of self and only ask for everything in return 
Bump bump bump 
I am listening, am glistening with sweat smelling like earth and woman and power and 
weakness all wrapped in God and smelling like my grandmother on her hospital bed. I am holding myself like I saw my mother do so many nights, I am kissing the sky as tho we are star 
crossed lovers who are hiding from the moon. All to honor my past selves that have lived these 
past twenty years, all to acknowledge the reincarnations that have led to me, all to be free 
I am dancing to these drums with every piece of me on the line, and I'm betting it all. 


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