What's So Special About Me

What's special about me?
Is it my eyes or my hair or my giant heart that never forgets to care
Is it my smile or my nails or my friendship that never fails
What's so special that causes people to see and want to be me
If I'm honest I don't know why people are my friends
Cause I make so many mistakes and try my best to make amends
I fail, I cry, I complain all the time
But still they stick around and I wanna know why
Why do they love me despite all I've done
Is it that beneath all my pain I'm sort of fun
No that's not it, it couldn't be
But still I wanna know  what's so special about me
Perhaps it's  the feeling that I'll never leave
But I seriously doubt it cause I'm open and free
I think I understand now what other people see
That I smile through the darkness and always belief
It's not eyes or my hair or my heart that infinitly cares
It's not my smile or my nails or friendship that never fails
It's everything about me
That helps people see everything special about me.


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