The Mask of Me


As I walk along the shore of happiness

As I think about the people I've broken

I wear the mask on my face as a cruel person

Inside that mask is happiness and free-spirit person

The world wants to see the federal crime of a murder

But crime is not in the person who loves doing crime

Show the people who I'm really am

I sing with the praise team to relief the hard of temptations and devil's foolishness

I dance with the wing's of the swans, the wind guiding my footsteps and hands

The mask outside of me is trouble

Becoming like society is like turning into an ugly beast

The voodoo man of New Orleans cast a spell of mask in evil

My mask was not made like the others

Finding the happiness of me by running through trees

Seeking to figure out why mask is shown is not in me but society

I'm filled with joy and kindness

Crazy to love, do not hate on God's people

I'm free behind my mask; not in jailed

The face behind the mask










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