negative space

There was a girl, graceful and free
She looked in the mirror just to see 
If her hair was not in a big mess
To see if she looked rather stressed
To make sure her makeup was intact
'Cause there were always boys to attract
Turning to her mirror, there as something she found
There was something different than most around
She thought quietly to herself, "I am fat"
Her thighs were larger than most, and so that
Crushed her confidence with out much thought
And made her think of things she aught 
To do like starve herself and exercise
Deep down, she knew this wasn't wise
She continued to pry and poke at her flaws
But it wasn't her diet that was the cause
It was her heart and her broken, torn soul
To be thinner was her one and only goal
While it should have been so much more
She'd never really thought of it before
That the problem wasn't on her outside
She wouldn't fit in, no matter how she tried
Because her shattered heart was made unique 
No matter how broken, no matter how weak
She was who she was and no one could change it
And so it was by her love and free spirit
She came to appreciate her special physique
She stopped thinking that she was a "freak"
And She asked herself who taught her to think such things?
Sadness and anxiety was all it would bring
Why did she suck in her stomach so tight?
Or push her hips back to make a gap in her thighs?
Why do girls shrink themselves and make themselves small
That sure isn't what life is about at all
Who made her think that the most important place
On her own body was her negative space?


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