loops of success


You tell them the truth , your secrets. You let them fall right through. Misjudged them as somebody you can trust , then they turn on you , fake people, we donated our lives our pride and secrets. They smile in your face as they suck up your pride and let the pain drive through. You tell em bout your man , your soul and life acting like they understand. But behind close doors they be riding your man . These girls i dont fuck with em I joke , I laugh I goofy off.A few I might talk my heart out but im taking the risk. I hate these fake ass females that walk around here all bold and proud just sitting on there ass spitting out lies, they envie they hate telling your life. They gossip out there ass like you aint gone find out . I shrug my shoulders and ignore it now cause I'm riding on the road of success. They may be curves called failure, loops of confusion, and even determination but I got perseverance so I don't have no time to joke, or to fail cause I'll make it to a place call success.

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