Momma said there would be days like this but she didn't quite explain how it would be she didn't explain that my heart would pour out onto the concrete.. .she didnt tell me that the butterflies that once swarmed around my heart would slowly die
She didn't explain to me....that when you give your heart to someone you never quite get it back in the same condition that it was given in.
She didn't tell me that each letter of the word goodbye would be like swallowing shards of glass
She didn't tell me that each memory would be like reliving a story where we eventually die at the cliffhangers.. to hold on to that promises a part 2
Momma you didn't tell me if we would be able to come back from this or not.
But with all this pain
You ask would I do it all over again
And yes I would
I would lose myself in it once more
Because few people are ever able to experience love
So mamma even though u didn't tell me I'm glad you didn't


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