Dress Up


United States
33° 51' 50.634" N, 118° 10' 35.8644" W
Still children
Babies really
Trying to play at being adults
Anxious for the future
Sorry that the present leaves so fast
Here we are
Still children
Babies really
Leaving home to find ourselves
Trying to spread wings that haven’t fully developed
Trying to find lives that only we could live
All of us will fail
It is inevitable
And necessary
Some of us will learn to get back up
Some will learn to soar
Some will crash and burn
But we will live with our choices
They will shape who we become
Who we are able to love
Who we will eventually have to leave
Still children
Babies really
Dying from the moment you hear our breath escape our mouths for the first time
Crying for being disturbed from our dark safe haven
We are embraced for our innocence
Eventually rejected for the same
We shed our skin
Done our masks that we create for survival
We pitiful animals
Playing at humanity
Still children
Babies really
Having babies of our own
Raising them to fly according to our beliefs
Watching the seasons change while finding the stars more meaningful
We shrink back into ourselves
Hunched over
Wrinkled skin
We revert back into those children we never quite lost inside our hearts
As our eyes close
As our dreams end
And we reflect on the conclusion of us
We can’t help but laugh
At the game of adulthood that we played
Still children
Babies really



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