GSA, LGBT Rights.

Why am I different?
Why am I shunned?
Words you have said with no intent of apology I am stunned.
Like a bee your words stung.
I was a princess, now I feel homeless.
No disrespect intended.
I felt loved. Now I feel shut out.
All because I was truthful and I came out.
Liking girls
Who would have thought it would have vandalized my world.
Mama told me they were nothing but drama
And to stay away from the bad ones or I'll regret the karma.
I felt it was wrong as child.
I thought it was a phase, or my emotions just running wild.
You can't like boys and girls.
But picking is like saying do you want diamonds or pearls.
I swear it's never been a choice.
And living this life is worst with no voice.
When the ignorance was bliss,
I'd rather to have it, more than this.
Constantly questioned why am I like this,
The only one right way is--
There's no explanation I was born like this.
I didn't change my mind because of a kiss
I never wanted to be myself after I saw how different I was.
I am.
I've never been the same.
They think it's a game,
And I'm in it for the fame,
or I just want to be noticed.
But in all honesty, I'm trying to make a change in this world, I'm just focused.
If every single person within the LGBT community had a choice to never live a hard life.
We go straight and save our strife.
Hiding from relatives,
Not being yourself afraid they will ask what you are.
This thing we call a controversy
really not important you see
Give me my rights and the truth will set you free.
Oh, and you have absolutely no right to judge me.
For I am just like you, impure and definitely not sin-free
The judgements you've passed all your life is the biggest piece
Your harshest sin:
Not loving thy neighbor for what's within.
I'm not harming you by loving who I love and vice versa.
But you're not comfortable with my lifestyle
I deserve equality.
It's nothing new women and men have been fighting for many centuries
Oppression should no longer thrive
But it only will if we give up or begin to die.
Well, I'll keep holding on and if one shall challenge me on a religious aspect
I say bring it because you're in for a test
Nobody will ever be perfect, so let me live with rights, like the rest.


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