To All Of You

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 16:13 -- EAnders

I write this to my father

I hope I make you proud

Across the widest canyons

Can you hear me now?

And this to my mother

Who worries all the time

Drop the stress you carry

Life should be about joy

To my older brother

Thank you for your strength

Pulling me through darkness

To find myself again

This to all my friends

You’re more like family

Together we’ve walked a path

Few have ever seen

And this to my past

Through love and loss and doubt

We’re far apart but now I know

What love should be about

And to my soul mate waiting

I've followed higher roads

Hoping to be worthy

When I find your warm shores

This to my family

Loyal through and through

Caring, praying and supporting

Here's a thanks to all of you

To a crowd I’ve never met

I hope I'll light a spark 

To aim for dreams so out of reach

No matter what the cost

To those who fall, losing faith

For better or for worse

You pen the path that lies ahead

Your reaction is your choice

And to myself, escape and dream

Don’t lose yourself in memories

Thoughts flood out inspiring

And rattling through my bones

To all my brothers, sisters reading

Know you’re not alone

I love you all, we’ve never met

But we’re linked by this poem




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