Don't Touch Me


Don’t touch me

Don’t look, talk, stalk, or even dare to plot

Don’t think or even imagine

You don’t deserve to have any satisfaction


Don’t touch me

Because although you did once before

You don’t get the satisfaction of knowing you once destroyed me


Don’t touch me

Because I rebuilt me

I’ll hold my head high

With dignity in my heart and my soul filled with pride


See I survived that night

I was never your victim

You may have had me that night, but never again


See I ain’t afraid of you

I already shook the devils hand

I whispered to him: “I forgave you”

He threw in the white flag and god declared the suffering was over


See I Gracie Balboa’d my way out of those tombs

I fought my way out like Rocky Balboa trained me to do

I never had cats, but I swear I used up my nine lives

I saw through the darkness and almost always ended up landing on my feet

So maybe I lost about three, but I won’t stand around to smell anymore defeat


See you may have overcame me that night

Drunk, high, young, and vulnerable

But today I stand tall

Strong, respectable, and responsible

Knowing I did more than overcome, because I conquered it all


See now you won’t touch me

You won’t hurt me

You won’t control me

You don’t get the satisfaction of knowing you own me

-emotionally or physically

Because I redeemed me and I created my own dreams




That was very powerful.


Thank you it was my way of releasing some emotion I had towards the man who attacked me that got released from prison about 2 months ago.


Wow, what a line !!!

"You don’t get the satisfaction of knowing you once destroyed me"


H. Nicholas

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