I'm Not the One Who Walked Out

I love you, I love you with all my heart.

Unfortunately, we are together less than we are apart.

I left my guard down and you walked right in.

I gave you my trust and you made my head spin.

I thought I could believe that you would be there for me.

But your life is taking off and you’ve just let me be.

I completely understand that you’re taking care of you.

I just don’t know why your perfect life can’t involve me too.

You tell me that you miss me and I absolutely believe it.

I try to make an effort, but we just don’t seem to fit.

I desperately want to be someone that is of worth,

But when you ignore my cries for help, all I do is hurt.

Every night I hope and dream our friendship can be mended.

And that what we used to have never would have ended.

I remember when we used to talk late into the night,

And how you listened to my sobs, when I was not all right.

I remember how you held me close when all I could do was cry.

And then that fateful day when we had to say goodbye.

When you finally came back to me I remember how I felt.

I was so happy to see you, and I hugged you while you wept.

That day was the last time that I saw you.

I think of you everyday and hope that you think of me too.

I don’t know why this is the way it had to be.

I just know that I love you, even when you can’t see.

I’ve built up a wall, so if it’s hard to come in,

Please just remember that my fragile trust was broken.

And if you don’t understand what any of this is about,

All you must do is remember, that I’m not the one who walked out.


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