Me against the triumph


Me against the Triumph

I can’t say I’m not a criminal

Cause to the bible I have committed plenty crimes

Lies I have told to cover my ass,

Plenty times.


I’m in a relationship with sin

And I’m faithfully commited,

Scars never fades,

So let’s be real, My worries,

Who can really fix it?

Permanent hurt,

I’m still dealing with it.


One more tip or fall

And I won’t be able to put myself back together,

Like a wounded bird, I

am missing a couple feathers.

My heart is happy feet,

It dance to the beat,

Once again I cannot defeat,

The triumph that hits me.


Is it my mentality that hinders me?

Or is it the many people that claim they are for me….

Is it my attitude that has me in this situation….

Why does everyone leave me?

Am I not important?

Cause I don’t speak up….

Me against the triumph.


I ask god every night for answers,

But I doubt he hears me,

He know like I know,

I have once again committed many crimes.



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