Girl, Snap Out of it!

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 13:48 -- Shar-lo


He leads you by the hand, You gaze into his eyes as the moonlight shines and glistens

Wrong move...gather around ladies zip it - listen.

Where is your pride my child, where is your self respect 

After he finishes his business, it is YOU who will feel the neglect.

Lauryn hill's conclusion was correct. you wanna show off ya ass cause you thinkin its a trend girlfriend, well let me break it down for you again.

You know I only say it cause im truely genuine, Dont be hard ROCK when you really are a GEM​​.

Blinded by lust as he whispers into your ear, mouth full of lies. listen when i say this baby girl you are MORE than just your hips and your thighs.

Love yourself, Or who else will? You stare in the mirror feeling no contentment with what you see...stop lying to yourself, every mole and freckle on your face is exactly where its suppose to be.  

You spend all day trying to perfect your looks, Girl get your head outta the damn clouds and put it in those books.

To all my women, Young ladies and little girls.... all my females who run the world. 

Show more of your intelligence instead of your skin. Strive to make your Family proud instead of trying to impress all these men.

The man runs the household women should be in the kitch--- I aint trying to hear that shit!

Back in the day we fought for womens rights now that we have them, we gonna take it and run with it. 

Remember you are a Queen. In the words of the Amazing Maya Angelo " I am woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman...thats Me" 





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