Your hands are covered in frost

And your eyes are glazed over with ice;

That's when I realize I don't know you.  

Even after all this time we're strangers.

How could this be?


I think it's because of the gap

That is ever growing between us.

I walk forward and you walk back

But we're still trying to hold on.

I think that's wonderful.  


I'm filled with cold fire and brim stone

A layer of implacable dust covering my smile.

You're trying to wipe away the layers

But I know we just don't have enough time.

Life's too short for second chances.  


I appreciate your attempts at cooling my pain

But even you have too much sadness.

You're as cold as the vacuum of space

While I'm an ever burning star.

We're too opposite to attract.  


You're pushing against my walls

Trying to cool off my suffering,

While I'm trying to warm you up

And promise that you're not alone.

Why is love the same as pain?


You drown yourself in its alluring arms

Assuring yourself it's all that matters

Even though you know that's not true.  

The world is too ever changing for constants

Even the stars aren't that strong.  


We vow our friendship by their light,

Forgetting we can't see their reality.

It's thousands of years ahead of us; mooing forward.

Eternity wants to leave us behind.

But for some reason we still try.  


I know one day our hands will let go,

But until then I'll struggle against it.

Bearing the weight of your icy fingers

As you ignore my scorching flames.

We have an understanding.


The world outside us is far ahead

And we'll live trying to catch up;

Knowing it will never happen,

But the journey is the fun part.  

Please I'll promise to be brave.


Your cold reminds me of pain

How it feels so lonely and dead,

But at least it has the opportunity

To melt away becoming warm and alive.

Your options out number my own.  


I can cool off with your help,

But if we push it too far

I'll just end up feeling alone.  

Fire is hard to tame with kindness,

But I'll be good  


I value your numbing touch

How it makes me forget that I'm aware

Of all the hardships we'll have to face.  

I don't have to worry in your arms.

Thank you for that security.  


I will bring you hot smiles and fast paced laughter

Since I'm scared to slow down

For fear of my warmth going away.  

So I'll pull you through the trials of life

Hoping we'll both survive…  



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