Muted Voice

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:52 -- Julz

I don’t want to be heard.
I want to be listened to.
What’s the sense if the listener doesn’t comprehend?
Or want to comprehend
I need to borrow a pair of well used ears
Those that have listen to many a story through the years
I don’t want to be heard
I want to be listened to
What’s the sense if what I have to say is background music?
If my voice is a silent ring tone
If what I need to say is white noise
How will I ever be heard if I can’t be listened to first?
I need an audience
One person may not carry my message
May not want to spread the word
They might only pretend to be listening
Two people.
Four people
Chances are, one of them will have a heart
Have the heart to listen to what has been brewing around my brain
What I’ve been needing to say
Get off my chest
I don’t want to be heard
I want to be listened to


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