Hear the Eyes

I was taught to live outside of the box

But never told which box to live outside of.

So as I constantly dare to be different,

I cause myself to be boxed in

By the boxes I tried to get out of.

To busy trying to be different can make us all the same.

And when you try to stand out you become another name.

Nobody wants to be cool now,

Oh look another "lame"!

Now everybody's out of line,

Nobody's "staying in their lane!"

But what kind of road are we all traveling on?

Who's getting dropped off first?

Can we get a better song?

So many questions to be asked and not enough answers.

They can think of a million ways to kill people

And only a few they think that can cure cancer?

Meanwhile my friend who with a 2 year old son

Is just praying her cancer gets its own cancer and dies.

Or offs itself with a gun.

Eventhough she'd rather cancer suffer and take its time to die

She doesn't want to suffer his suffer

And now I hear her eyes.



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