Dream Run


My dear Dream! You neither come with comforts nor

You let me sleep with comfort.

From the day one since I've met you until the time I marry you,

I stay obsessed with you,

I left everything in my life behind,

in this pursuit of chasing you.

All those things that once used to be so prominent in my life,

now have faded cause of you.

Only thing that matters now is you!

Why are you so cynical?

You make me believe that we are possible,

But allow people to say that reaching you is impossible,

Why is that you never use your heart?

One day you make me feel joy-able,

one day so annoy-able!

As soon as I start feeling your breath,

you run away for a long breadth.

Anyways you are mine! you are my passion;

Letting you go is never in my diction;

Will keep chasing you without any chances of eviction;

One day we'll meet and that day I'll sleep with peace.





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