He was there just yesterdaysmiling


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United States
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He was there just yesterday

smiling at me

His black emo hair round his face

he wore eyeliner, guyliner he called it

he always had a smirky little grin

but i liked that about him

Jacob was his name but i called him Jake

and he let me

my best friend


He was there just last night

we were talking having a sleepover

a girl and a guy

just best friends not weird or anything

talking about if he dissapeared

i should have been looking for context clues

hindsight bias they said

but I should've been looking

He asked me what would I do if he dissapeared

and i said I'd just keep searching until I found him.


He was there just today

and i asked him what he meant by last nights conversation

and he shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything

and I stared him down, and normally he would open up but he didn't

just because was all he said, his eyes downcast, his mouth pressed together

and so i forgot about it and tried to put that litlte snarky smile on his face

and see his ghost blue eyes light up at me

and for him to run his fingers through his hair

asking me another question


but he wasn't here tonight

no one had seen him

and I being the careless one went looking for him

found him by the old oak tree, where he'd sneak out just to play with me

There was a knife by his side, and blood slashed wrists and I called 911

waited there in the white rooms, and the white walls and the machines that go beep beep beep

and the doctors said he was awake asking for me

Hey Jazz he says to me

and I scream at him, pound his chest, cry

"Please don't die on me, please don't leave me alone," i sob and his hands around my back

I love you he says to me and i hug him back, a friend i love you


i didn't know

i didn't see

I didn't even think he was hurting that bad

but i should've known

because i cared oh so much

you don't know what you have until it's gone

so please, I'm begging you

figure out what you have, and keep it that way.


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