Skin Underneath


Twisted and tangelled I think I fell out of the skiy.

Red flesh kept mangeled, is not how humans feel alive.

To live and feel life where the sorrow and anger has been.

Was written like a map in my layers of skin.

To look out to people walking  the roads,

But no human just sits and watches alone.

I belong with my stars, even if I don't shine bright.

I miss their clusters and knots at night.

To feel and live life through my layers of skin.

Was not human, will and never has been.




When living as someone you don't really want to be, either because you don't know how to express yourself or  can't just open up from shyness or for any reason, you don't just wear a mask. Your whole body/skin is a mask and a cover that keeps you from really connecting/touching the real world and from being the person you truly wish and deserve to be.

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