An Introvert Listens To Music

emotions dance so deep within my chest
they can't reach outside my flesh
and you can't see these passion-soaked
terrid dreams that my blood weeps.
don't tell me i've a cold heart
don't you presume to comprehend
the massive-pulsing energy lands
strewn across my brain's

muscles rioting-raving lunatics
crazies jacked-up with fever
to a fevered pitch.
however covered by my porous skull
however hidden by my prickle-silken hair
they are there.
don't tell this introvert she's a freak
she knows it she loves it
that's right that's me.
your bodies flail-jump as my mind skydives
i bang my head
in time
i crowd-surf and cry
at every touch of that shaking symphony
it tears out my beating heart
as it tears out your pumping limbs
my arms don't slip through
the physical planes
my muscles refuse to
clench-control my bones
when my soul hears those haunting highs.

i don't tell them to.

i don't want them to.

gods but i die as you all die
and i scream bansheeish
albeit within my mind
don't give a damn where i am
i am who i am
those feels crashing in my skin
exploding all my goosebumps
into a tingling hairy mess.
i cry relishing reality
i dance inside the atoms in my imagination
it's as real for me as it is for you
gods this music is the song of creation.
i'm alive as you're alive as we're all alive
as every flake of my skin demands
to be released to tear away from me
they want all of you
all of this life all of all lives all of
God. this is beautiful
i am who i am
happy to feel sad
because this is life
happy to feel anything at all.
pure emotion i adore you
only you can so
take me ache me.
i don't care if no one sees
think i'm a dweeb who can't dance
doesn't know how to have fun.
dumb butts.
i'm an introvert
and this song is my jam.


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