I want it to rain


Help cover up my tears and camouflage the pain. 
Not a heart break, it was more like a sprain,
Kuz I'm not sitting on the bench but it's messing up my game. 
But I can't tell you who, not even the initials of her name,
Kuz when it really boils down, I may be the one to blame. 
She wore her feelings on her sleeve but that shirt got a stain,
So she washed it all off, her love flowing down the drain. 
Now I'm lost, looking for something I can't find,
Can't even keep up with my thoughts I think I'm losing my mind. 
She's the one that let me go, and I thought she was mine,
Spent $270 on the watch, I'm just trinna buy time.
We weren't right for eachother but neither of us left,
Now she took away my heart but I can't even call it theft. 
Her presence was a gift so she gave me a ton,
And those nights we spent laughing were the most fun. 
Come to think of it y'all, she really gave a lot,
Emotions flowing like blood I couldn't stop them with a clot. 
She kept me on the move, the second hand of a clock,
But when the batteries ran out why did our time have to stop? 
I hope our foundation will later help her be my friend,
And maybe we will forgive eachother once out hearts mend. 
I don't consider it a waste, all the money and time spent,
She's gone without a trace but I wont forget her scent.
No such thing as a sure thing, so don't take them for granted,
Treat her right, be versatile you can't just be left handed.
Because when the fights get bad other men become appealing,
Their presence is medicine when her heart needs healing.
Little by little she becomes less involved with you,
Other men give her advice when she's stomped on what to do.
But don't be mad at her at this point it's expected,
Why stick around for love when you're just constantly neglected?
It's her time to move on, so she could play a new song,
So she can sing a duet with someone who won't do wrong.
If you love her let her go, if you're sorry let her know,
If you're actually meant to be, then in time it will show.
Next time give them your all, don't be so afraid to fall,
True love don't cost a thing, so don't go looking in the mall.
Reflect on the things you didn't do, even though you could,

I'm listening to my own advice because I know that I should. 


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