Holding On


   Bodies in the sand,

tight skin, shining eyes,

messy hair,taute lips 

kissed by the sunsrise.

New life, wet air, rapid breathes

pumping blood

wide steps,big dreams.wet cheeks

a rushing flood.


Crowding and dying beautifully like flowers coming into winter.

In groups, altogether, we fade, its our hinder.

Time is a cracked glass

half empty or half full

From either perspective, 

living is the rule.


I  cannot kick and scream, theres nowhere to go

either animal or human

its all my choice though.

survive or rise

reach or roar

i know there has to be something more

Something i find within myself

I make this all matter,

noone else.

Im worth what i think,

and i feel oh so small

when I think I'm the opposite,

I'll grow incredibly tall

You see, I am a cracked glass and a dying flower,

But do i really want to dare waste another hour?

I am holding on.

until my last breathe,

I will make it matter


Because i said.


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