In the Shape of Love


Amethyst pendant, in the shape of love

two sister diamonds hold its edge,

tied together by a band of gold, 

it holds a memory


In living color that slowly fades,

to a pale shade of death, she rests

peacefully, an empty shell looking upon her life from beyond.


Among this, it waits.

In a room that once held its true mother,

who's past on,

its destiny has been promised.


It speaks the wisdom held in timeless hands, 

it tells the stories of where she's been.

Ageless in appearance, unmarked by time

fortunate enough to be claimed once again.


From one life to another,

it is given to its fate,

a promise has been kept, a line goes on

all tied together by a gold band,

with an amethyst pendant

in the shape of love.


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