There's this Thing inside you

The constant dialogue of a girl and herself 
Why did you do that? Why not do this? Why are you being someone else?
The battle of a girl whose trying to be herself.
The twisting of a mind by the textbook on the shelf...
Who am I that speaks of self expression?
Am I just a student who acts by social lessons?
What freedom really have I ever owned? 
Besides the freedom of pondering, "What is it I own?"
But you see...
There is this Freedom, in His name.
You see, there's this truth found in God's Grace
That His son forever sealed for us on the cross that day.
And yet the most freeing truth comes with facing the most dreadful of lies,
the world that tells us were not good enough, that tells us never try
But you see…
There is this freedom in this thing called Grace. Nothing, No one, None can take away...
Is it hard to reach?
 Ask the stem of the rose rising towards the sun kissed sky…
Is it hard see?
 Ask the seed buried beneath the dirt filth grime... 
Life is but a seed who only grows from dirt,
Life is but a stem who must survive the earth
Life is just a highway whose petals drive their worth.
There's a foundation planted in you, a seed that has His plan.
There's a reason written inside you, a story to expand. 
There is, a heart beating within you. 
A love to lead life's band. 



Wow!! Very encouraging


Thank you! 


Your poem is so passionate and has such a strong message, the God inside of me leaped with joy at every word I read. I just had to leave a comment for you and a few others have been spreading His word and message to all save souls with every tap of the keyboard. I just wanted to tell you to keep writing on my friend for you are doing it for a good cause and for a Great God my friend. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!


thank you!

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