While We Tear Life


United States
36° 19' 9.6816" N, 115° 1' 22.3464" W
United States
36° 19' 9.6816" N, 115° 1' 22.3464" W

While we tore our life,

my soul struggled between morality and lust.

Our analogous blood burst into cries,

your recognized look finally enjoyed my body.

My fearless hands caressed your silhouette,

as I evoked every freckle, every scar.

I already knew the beating of your name,

since you surrendered every time to me.

And your tears felt soothed,

and you obliterated every female

to which you delivered your kisses. 

And vehemence soked my skin,

while you molted yours.

Homologous faces fused in the night.

The entanglement of skins are piled up in the omission,

And all thy bitter enmity remained in oblivion.

And here I was lying,

with the illusion of a pretended affection.

And then our caresses concluded,

only until your skin is renewed, 

and my hands look for you,

and my look recognizes you,

and our blood screams again, 

and my soul struggles, 

while we tear life.


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This. Is. PHENOMENAL. Such an image is projected from this poem.

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