Broken Minds in Solid Bodies


Wounded body of Carrie-

the Cancer patient

Wounded soul of Barry-

the Bipolar patient

Not her fault…

Not his fault…


A brilliant bird within a cage

A brilliant mind within a rage

A battered cage within the bird

A battered mind within the Word


Support and charities for Carrie

Judgment and skepticism for Barry








“You got this, Carrie”

“Deal with it, Barry”

Unequal lines, distorted lies


As hard as it is to live, ought’en we to forgive?


For Carrie has a solid mind

Though blow-by-blow her body takes

Barry’s mind’s a muddled mess

Though strong and firm his body wakes

Flowers and cards adorn her room

Silence and sorrow bedeck his gloom


Shattered windows ‘mid sunken walls

Reveal spacious rooms and royal halls

Next door a grand old mansion stands

Though built of sticks and dunes of sand

  No judgment, like poor paint, should fly

Until we take a walk

I   n s i d  e



I LOVE HOW YOU WROTE Unequal that takes skill I could never have. My hat is off to you. 

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