by That Dope Poetess(KP)


It seems as if I am the only one who wants to make a difference

It seems as if we are all stuck in a reality with no room for hopes, wishes, and dreams

I guess that I am the only one left who runs through a filled of dreams

Yes, you heard me right, dreams




Like the late, great Dr. King said, "I have a dream."

My dream is too big to be contained, and if you try to put me in a box

I'll break out like Kendrick  and "Hide every lock."

My dream cannot be defered by any human being, and I'll keep going until I reach my dreams

Like Malcolm, "By any means..."

Necessary to keep chasing my dreams; Its Unecessary to let anyone defie me, or tell me that I can't dream

No dream is too big, no that's not true at all

I'll tell you what though when I do reach my dream you'll all be in awe

Until then I'll just keep standing tall

So, it seems that in a world full of despair, anguish, hatred, and greed

I AM the only one who is still running through a field of dreams


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