The Path


The Path

Can you hear me when I speak out loud?

Really hear me?

Do I make you proud?

I do all I can.

The best I can.

I listened,


And tried again.

I learned from you.

You had this vision.

Of me in heaven

You see me glisten.

It’s hard to be perfect.

But I tried my best

And all you taught me was put to the test.

On my own

On a whinny path

Will I make it?

How long will it last?

I hope not long,

So I can return

Home to you

Where I belong.

The obstacles

The challenges

The battles

Your lessons

Down the path they led to heaven.

From corrupted minds

Sinful thoughts

Bitter lies

And tempting calls.

Down the path I went.

Toward home

Toward heaven

Toward you

Hallelujah it’s all through!

As I get closer, I see the glow.

So bright

So shiny

This is home.

AS I get closer, I feel the wind

So smooth

So silky

I’m almost there.

I’m strong.

I’m wise.

I smiled.

I sighed.

At last I’m here.

Then you appear…


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