When I Walk With The Moonlight.

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 15:11 -- ejensen

When I walk with the moonlight, 

Not underneath but beside it,

It whispers to me 'do not lose heart,

And then I go out and try it. 


When I swim with the clouds,

Gliding through the fluffy air, 

I get lost in my deep thoughts, 

And forget my every care. 


When I sit with the sun,

Taking in its golden glow,

We talk for hours upon hours,

And then I leave for Earth below. 


Why does nature calm my hear?

Why do my feelings overwhelm,

I seem to drown in my own brain,

But then peace takes the helm. 


I let creation move my soul,

I let myself melt away,

This planet absorbs my fear, 

And the darkness does not stay. 


I listen to the calming hum,

The chorus of the ancient past,

And then rise above my tired eyes,

And vanquish my evils forever at last. 


With hopefull nature as my guide, 

With light and sun and moon and air,

I have moved on past this night, 

and have overcome my troubled stare. 


I take heart I am not alone, 

I believe that something made this all,

The nature that I so cherish, 

And with so much help I did not fall. 


So I will be one with the outdoors,

And I will be one with my Lord, 

I walk and swim and sit each day, 

And know I am so adored. 


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