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Self-doubt knows when your weakest point has you by the neck.

Suffocating with shadows of negativity.

It cuts deep, with brooding thoughts that are inescapable.

Nothing more powerful, than seeing someone better, prettier, more intelligent, superior.

Self-doubt slips into the cracks of your mind that the feelings of worthlessness create.

Self-doubt is a lie.

It's used against those whose dreams are bright, and threaten the beast that is,


Optimism, hope, happiness, faith.

These are the tools that can conquer self doubt. Use them. Harness them.

Believe in yourself; don't allow shadows of doubt to fill your mind,

but allow the light to seep through, penetrating every negative thought,

crushing them until nothing but hope shines through and finally,

you are able to see.

Weakness is no longer there.

Doubt has vanished.

Only hope remains.


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